I really am a “Rev.”  And… I’m REALLY handy!  I don’t get paid for my church work, so calling me to fix whatever is broken is one way I keep the bills paid.  If I can’t fix it, I can find the person who can!

My first “job,” paying $1.00 per hour (which was a fortune to an eight-year old kid!) was being my father’s “carpenter’s helper.”  That probably was responsible for my life-long love of working with wood, building things (from tree houses to the homes that both my parents and my family live in), or fixing anything that’s broken.

My carpentry skills not only helped pay for my undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee; they also made it possible for me to pay for my Master’s degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

While my “calling” is to serve as an ordained minister, my “vocation” is simply to be as handy as possible when it comes to common sense ways of fixing all those things that break every day.  The throw-away nature of our culture is simply something I refuse to understand.  Add to this a sense of giving my ministerial work back to my church as a “tent maker” and this just makes sense:  I pay the bills by being The Handy Rev; I preach, teach and offer pastoral care for free.

So, for anything from designing a simple yet elegant website using WordPress, to building practically anything made out of wood, to fixing something that too many would say needs to be replaced… Call me!  I’m pretty reasonable and I work as if EVERYTHING I do were on my own home and for myself.

Rev. Rodger Sellers