As big as it gets

There’s a limit to what I do; I’m a handyman, not a contractor.  Some jobs I can’t do; I’m not licensed for some work. Other jobs  I just won’t do.  For many that I could do I would have to hire at least one assistant – and the honest truth is I’m just not interested in “management” at this point in my life.

But when asked by a client (who is also a friend) if I could install a dishwasher I didn’t hesitate:  “Sure, I’ve done it quite a few times over the years.  It’s not a big deal.”  Except…

Except when that dishwasher is going to be installed in a corner of an upstairs kitchen that used to contain the washing machine.  Luckily, the plumbing was already there from a previous laundry room building project.  (It was a bit of a mess but that’s another story altogether!)  There were electrical outlets already in the area also – but a cursory check indicated that the existing circuit would not support an additional appliance.  That’s usually when I bow out as a handyman and refer the client to an electrician.  After The Electrician (who does superb work, by the way!) finished installing a new circuit for the appliance, then I went to work getting the space ready for new cabinets, repairing part of the old cabinets to accept a new range (also with work performed by the electrician to safely and properly change the outlet), installing a new sink, THEN installing the dishwasher!

Not exactly a simple installation job – but after all was said and done, the new dishwasher is tucked into its new home, the upper cabinets are installed and the home owner is ready to begin the painting.  This job is just about the “upper limit” of my upper limits – worth it in the end but one where anyone will have the extra expense of at least electrical work (and often plumbing as well – that just wasn’t the case here).

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