Auxiliary shop air filter

My wood shop is a dusty place.  Even with two dust collectors and a HEPA air filter it still taxes the heat pump air handler when I’m in the middle of a project.  I needed an auxiliary air filter like this one above right – I just didn’t have $350 plus to spend on one.  (Nor do I really have the excess power – my circuit panel is devoted to all my existing tools; there’s nothing left in the power budget for an electrical hog like this.)

So I decided to build my own.  Nothing fancy – it’s not a “full exchange” system nor is it remotely HEPA quality; it’s an auxiliary filter to take some of the load off my HEPA filter and the a/c air exchanger.

Surplus / recycled wood, left over fittings and cord, some plywood, glue and air brads, a few machine screws, washers and nuts… And it works like a charm.  Intentionally designed to use the filters available at any Lowes or Home Depot store, it ended up (without my time) costing me less than half of what a commercial unit would have cost.  Total cost = approx $130 with two commercial duct fan units.

There are ways to save money and still arrive at elegant solutions to most problems.  It just takes some thought and “handiness!”

It works like a dream, by the way; and is the most quiet piece of machinery in the shop!  (Click the pic below to go to the photo album.)

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