California Bread box

An email from the contact form came in asking if I could do a “rush job” for a bread box reproduction to ship to California.  The next line contained all the motivation I really needed; this box was for a 5th grade class field trip to Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.  The teachers wanted the kids to have to tote their bread goods in an authentic box.  It didn’t take much thought:  “Sure, I’d like to make this happen.”  So after a rush job I got something more important than the payment from Pay Pal… I got actual pictures of my box being used on the other side of the country!  This is the farthest I’ve sent one so far; and might be the best use I’ve seen for one!

This box was close to historically accurate – with two differences.  The bottom – as with all my reproductions – is plywood that is built into the walls instead of simple planking that is nailed on.  (The nailed on bottoms eventually fall off.  In the Civil War they just threw them away or used them for firewood; re-enactors want their gear to last a bit longer!)  The second difference on this box is the wood used for the sides and tops.  it’s biscuit-joined and glued up wood that is milled down from regular framing lumber.  This gives the authentic “rough cut” look and feel and leaves the sides and tops only 5/8″ thick instead of 3/4″ pine planking.  It cuts the weight some without sacrificing any strength – and still looks accurate enough to fool any but the most discerning eye.  The client did a GREAT job of adding their own stenciling for their project!

This box, stained but without any stenciling, was $50 plus actual cost of Fed Ex Ground shipping.  (Shipping to California was $24.50 for this 20 pound box.)

(Click on any image for photo album)

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