Custom Kitchen Light

stock lightA client decided she’d had enough of her condo looking “plain.”  Her plan entailed essentially redoing the entire interior:  new flooring, paint, vanities, counter-tops, custom shelving in an open wine closet, and doing something with the boring kitchen light.

Custom light fixtures and light boxes are available online if you search for them.  Essentially they are just a wooden box that surrounds a fluorescent light fixture with either a plastic or acrylic panel instead of the stock diffuser.  They are also fabulously expensive.  Some with stained glass panels can cost well over a thousand dollars.

???????????????????????????????molding2I built this one for her from cabinet grade pine along with rope-detailed crown and casing molding.  It was designed to slide around the existing two-bulb fixture and mount to the ceiling joists.  I designed it with just a bit of flex so that when screwed into the ceiling it would tighten up to the sheet rock:  The ceiling isn’t level – something quite common in large developments where units are built as quickly as possible.  This meant the finished product would fit snugly even with imperfections in the mounting surface.

The panel looks like stained glass:  It’s actually an acrylic panel from this company.  Lightweight, attractive and (relatively) inexpensive.???????????????????????????????The client decided on a painted finish but using stain grade molding and cabinet grade pine would have allowed for a stained finish as well.

It’s not a cheap light fixture – the total was over $300 – but it was a lot cheaper than the alternatives she had been exploring.  (Click any image for the photo gallery.  The photos aren’t great quality but do detail the design and workmanship.)???????????????????????????????

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