Custom Signs

The client desperately wanted to replace these signs.  (one look at the image on the left will tell you why!)  The challenge – how to create signs that are reasonably weather resistant but also require a minimum of maintenance.

The solution began with backboards of oak plywood that were chemically stained, sealed (3 coats of sanding sealer) then sealed again with 4 coats of polyurethane spar varnish.  Not weather “proof” but awfully close.  The trim was custom milled from grade “A” clear western cedar (expensive but long lasting and wonderfully textured) that was painted (3 coats) with oil-based enamel custom mixed to match the client’s color scheme.

The lettering is 1/4″ acrylic lettering from a GREAT company to work with.  (Again, not cheap but virtually indestructible yet attractive.)  Each letter is individually mounted with a minimum of two threaded studs through the backing material, then all metal to wood areas caulked with clear silicone.

Treated lumber was used to back the oak plywood for an air space in the brick cavity, stainless steel mounting screws were used and the trim wood was custom mounted to hide all mounting hardware.

All said and done, the difference in drive by “curb appeal” is astonishing!  (Which is verified by the improved traffic to the client’s website from passers by who see the name and then Google it.)

These signs are not completely maintenance free – they need to be clear coated (with spar varnish or something similar) once a year or so.  Given yearly maintenance they should last at least 20 – 25 years.

 Cost, including all materials and labor:  $600 per sign.  (Two signs in this project.)

UPDATE:  The Manufacturer has posted my work on their company website HERE.

(Click any image for photo gallery)

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