wp_logoA large part of my work is designing and building WordPress websites.  This website is designed to be a type of test drive for you to understand every aspect of what a WordPress driven site can do for you.  The links in the navigation menu above detail any (and all!) information you will ever need to decide how a WordPress driven website can give you total control over your Internet presence.  It should be obvious that I am a total convert to Word press.  I’ve built websites the old fashioned way; they cost more, look worse and don’t have any of the extra convenience and usability that I firmly believe WordPress provides.  (I’m not alone in that regard:  WordPress powers almost 24% of all websites on the Internet now; that’s more than 65 MILLION websites!)

wp_logoOf course, it’s not an actual test drive in the sense of showing you everything a WordPress-driven site gives to you as the site owner / webmaster.  (To fully open the back end of a working WordPress site would be inviting a security nightmare.)  It is, however, a fully functional WordPress site that shows you every part of the functionality any site offers:  With the added benefit that all the content is designed to walk you through almost every aspect of what you could have with a WordPress driven site.  (It well might contain more detail than you are interested in… But I believe in telling the whole story and telling it fully!)

So read on… you will soon get it just like over 65 million other WordPress users already have!