Design Services

My design services are actually quite simple.  I work with you to find out what you want, then design and build your website for your approval.  (My initial design work is done on my local testing server to complete the basic forms before uploading to your web-server.)  Design choices that I work with you include:

  • Font choices for all text anywhere on your website.
  • Color schemes and graphics.  I incorporate your logos and graphics into your website in ways that suit you in the overall design.
  • Overall theme choice and layout.  (Magazine format, one, two, or three column formats, sliding or random photo-based header images, video and photo inclusion.
  • Special effects, links, or gateway elements (Pay Pal or other e-commerce links)

Working either in person or online / over the phone, I try to get as much a “feel” as possible as to what your desires are.  Then I build that as close to your intention as possible.  I’m finished with the design phase when you look at your new website and it “speaks” to you!

I then upload your site to your intended server (I host some sites on one of my several reseller hosting accounts; some clients prefer to have their own hosting account), register or transfer any domain names and set name-server protocols, and take care of the code building that no one else will ever see.  (At this point, most of your content pages or posts are “placeholders”)

(A note about transferring a domain name to a new server and redesigning your existing site with WordPress:  There is, beyond any designer’s control, some period of down-time while your domain name is propagated to a new host.  This sometimes only takes a few hours, depending on the hosts involved; sometimes this results in a multi-day downtime before your site is back up.)

Once all elements are online and functioning, I work with you to get your content finished and finish getting your website fully “live.”  Lastly, I install SEO elements (Search Engine Optimization) so your site’s rank in search engines immediately begins to rise.

The overall process, depending on individual needs and desires, can take anywhere from a few (5 – 7) hours for a simple site like this or this,  upwards to  20 – 30 hours for very complex, e-commerce sites like this.  (I always including at least 2 hours of in person or online tutorial time to teach you and your staff how to maintain your site.)  My hourly charge for design work is $75.00.

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