Back End

dashboard menuThe back end of WordPress is where it all happens.  It’s the protected area where you manage, change, update (and if you aren’t careful, destroy) the entire website.  While at first glance it might seem a bit intimidating, the learning process to maintain your site is relatively quick.  Within a couple of hours you’ll be ready for most tasks involved with content management.  And as you progress, you’ll quickly develop enough confidence to move into the more intricate areas of maintaining your site.

And, truth be told?  You WILL make mistakes and “break” it a few times.  That’s why you have me – and it’s also why I make redundant backups of everything.  If you wish, your database will be backed up once every week, and all your files will be backed up every six months.  Some clients use this service until they feel ready to do it on their own; others don’t want the hassle and have me do their backup, security, updates, and checkups on an ongoing basis.

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