Dashboard / Users

dashboard menu2The dashboard is the heart and soul of WordPress.  Think of it as your “grand central station” linking to every single element running your website. Its menu links you to every installed element, to those links where you can install new elements, change your preferences and settings and add new content.  While there are some issues and protocols that require actual access to server files or database tables, those are quite rare and usually left to your backup. (That’s me, by the way!)

userAs you add users to your site, they are assigned a level of access.  Lower levels do not have access to all functions and elements.  (Which is a good thing, because Administrator level access means you have all the keys to the kingdom, up to and including the access and ability to destroy your site from within.)  A good rule of thumb to always remember is that WordPress, like all server-based protocols, don’t always ask you to confirm an action.  If you are used to seeing that little window asking “Do you REALLY want to do this?” that waits for you to click the “OK” button, you will have to learn a new way of doing things.  The files and functions here assume you know what you want to do and will do it with one click – even if that means deleting your entire database!

admin colorThe functions you have access to from your dashboard include items like customizing your own admin color scheme and using a convenient toolbar for access when signed in.  This toolbar allows you quick access from your front end to your dashboard items.

front end toolbar




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