Security / Updates

securitySecurity and updates are topics that automatically go together.  The need for Internet security has been around as long as there has been an Internet.  And since WordPress has grown so exponentially since its inception, it’s now fully “in the picture” of those who seem to exist simply to cause havoc on the Web.  (The question of motivation is somewhat irrelevant; whether someone attempts to hack a website for illegal profit or just for “kicks” doesn’t matter if you are the one cleaning up the mess afterwards.)

Fortunately, WordPress is as secure as any other platform – assuming a couple of critical aspects are always followed.  The first deals with security measures.  I always make use of at least one security plugin that insures your site is as protected as possible.  It sets limits on the number of login attempts, ensures strong passwords, secures and hides certain critical files on the server and keeps you informed of any potential security risks.  The second aspect is keeping your core WordPress platform, all themes, plugins and widgets updated.  Fortunately, this aspect of security is as easy as a few clicks.  Whenever you log in to your dashboard, your site will show up any updates that might be pending.  Since I always make sure you have a scheduled backup emailed, updating these files and elements is automated and takes just a few seconds.

While it’s always possible that any given website might be hacked or attacked, the measures I use have never been broken.  Some might think I treat this aspect of website design and development a bit too seriously… but when it’s your site (or mine) I always err on the side of caution in this aspect.

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