SEOSEO stands for “search engine optimization.”  In essence, it is the method by which your website shows up in search engines when people look for anything remotely like what your site includes.  The best looking website ever still won’t do you any good if it never gets visitors.  And that’s where SEO measures come into play.

In the past, some designers resorted to tactics like hiding text that would be crawled by search bots and then ranked higher than an organic search would normally rank them.  Not only is such behavior unethical, it is also usually discovered; and search engines respond by ranking those sites lower than they would have been without such measures.

There are several really good SEO plugins that I install on every website I build.  They allow each and every page or post to be easily searched according to the keywords in the title, body, captions and descriptions.  The custom fields with each page or post simplify the process of making sure the major search engines can “see” your site easily and rank it accordingly.  Some of my client sites that did not appear at all in search engines before redesigning them with WordPress now consistently rank in the top five on searches for their business, services, or products in their region.  SEO – doing it correctly – works and is as important as any other aspect of your website.

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