A checklist of what is needed to build your WordPress site.

  1. A domain name.  This is the “” (or .org, .net, etc.)  it should be something fairly easy to remember or spell but also that reflects what you want.
  2. A decision about hosting for your website.  This is either your own hosting account (not all companies are the same, so don’t let price along sway this decision!) or a decision to let me host your site where it makes the most sense.  (My hosting charge is $8.00 / month – higher than some hosting fees – but that includes my monthly checks, updates, and backups.)
  3. At least a general idea of the color scheme you want for your website.  This usually needs to include at least 2 or 3 colors; primary, bold / hover, and contrasting.  While these can always be tweaked later, it’s much quicker and easier to have some idea / choice from the millions of web colors available.
  4. Some preliminary ideas on the layout you want.  I.E. how many columns, using your logo for the header, using graphics and photos in header, sliding features, etc.  (This is often overwhelming in the beginning because there are so many options.  My suggestion is usually to look at other websites for features that you like.  Those can then be a starting place for your own site’s look.
  5. Content, content, content!  The one thing I can’t do for you is to write the actual text context each part of your website will contain.  Some people leave this to the last minute and end up (for a while) with “under construction” signs all over their site.
  6. List of all users that will need access to the site and what level of access they will need.  Email addresses for each user are necessary to register them within the system.
  7. A good list of all the possible “key words” that your site will need to use for search engines.  (E.G. Hair Salons in Anywhere, NC, or Clock repair, antique clocks, etc.)
  8. A timeline for beginning and finishing your project.
  9. A timeline for scheduling tutorial sessions to train all users once the site is up and running.