Front End

The “Front End” of a WordPress site is what everyone sees.  It is the public side of your site.  Pages, posts, sidebars, headers, nav menu items, footer… all of this is visible to anyone visiting your site and is the cumulative result of the design and build process.  Individual areas of the front end are described more fully on the following pages in this category.

3_column layout

Test drive customized theme with optional 3-column layout


Standard Twenty Twelve theme with no header image and sidebar right layout.

The image on the left is the front end of this test drive and shows the customized three-column layout.  Compare it to the Twenty Twelve theme this site is based on at the right.  (Notice also that this particular page has no sidebars.  It is formatted with a full width page template that offers options for pages that might appear crowded with the default template.)

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