The “body” of any WordPress page is nothing more than the space to write whatever you want to convey.  Insert images, media or anything you need, the body is the place where 95% of your content will end up.  One metaphor to help those new to all this is to think of the body as the area inside the margins where you type.  All the “whitespace” outside those margins are the other components of the site.

bodyThe body copied from the front page of this test drive is proportional to the sidebars.  Since this site is based on the twenty twelve theme (which is responsive to browser type and size), the body is set at 50% of the entire site size.  That translates into a range somewhere between 500 and 700 pixels in width.  The actual width only becomes an issue when embedding items like videos.

And of course, the amount of body space you have depends on the particular template you are using for each page.  The default will have both sidebars taking up 50% of the screen whereas the no sidebar template will be full size.

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