The navigation menu is where most of your links to pages and posts (more on them later) within your site are found.  The nav menu may be above or below your header image area depending on the particular theme you choose for your site.  I almost always will design a nav menu below the header area, although some sites I’ve done (like my parent site, The Handy Rev) will have a secondary menu and that is formatted above the header image.


Nav menu set below header area

A menu can also be placed in either sidebar by using either text links or by using a sidebar menu widget.  (Widgets come up in the “back end” category.)  There are situations where you might not want or need a visible nav menu; in these situations, I will remove the menu by modifying the CSS code for your site.  (Although this is quite rare.)

The color scheme of this nav menu is custom and changes when the cursor hovers over a link.  It also is set up with “parent” and “sub” links, where the menu drops down to all the sub pages under every category.  (Incidentally, the menu is one of the places where older versions of Internet Explorer – as I mentioned on this page – will not display your design choices the way newer, more responsive browsers will.


nav menu with drop down sub menus visible

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