Sidebars / Columns

left sidebarright sidebarSidebars are one of the best inventions in the history of website design!  They allow you countless options for placing different elements where you want them on your website – the sky is the limit!

WordPress uses what are called “wigetized” sidebar areas.  That means they are designed to “plug in” different elements that you install in WordPress for various functions.  Links, videos, photo slideshows, contact forms… there are probably more ideas for using the sidebars than you could actually think of!

The size and number of elements in your sidebar obviously depend on factors like their size, how many sidebars you have and how much text you want with each element.

Ready made widgets like calendars that show your dated posts, automatic links to YouTube videos, photos, or search forms are practically drag and drop into your sidebar.

Now the other “shoe” drops:  Proficiency with your sidebar(s) is usually one of the more “advanced” skills you will learn with your website’s content management.  Some widgets require a knowledge of both CSS or HTML code language.  This is one area where I tend to – for a while, at least – get support calls from clients who haven’t quite mastered the skills needed to manage them on their own.  (And some just don’t want to spend the time this particular area takes to change, modify or update.  That’s when I tell them to give me a call!)

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