For Friends… And a Little Bit of Cash

But not enough (cash, that is)…  There’s not enough profit in a job like this to ever make it worthwhile  solely based on monetary terms!

Back up a bit:  It’s the chicken or the egg to call them clients or friends.  Both apply.  So when the call comes in that a rental house has a pretty severe leak in the master bath shower?  You go.  When you get there are find out the house has a 28 inch crawlspace and you’re going to have to crawl about 2o feet, around drain pipes, under air ducts, squeeze into an impossibly small and contorted space, lie on mud and rocks just to get to the drain pipe?  You take a deep breath and change your shoes.

24 hours later, when you’ve made that trip into “crawl space Hell” over a dozen times to finally get the old, mangled-up drain off (A result of it being cross threaded when installed years ago and not fixed immediately) and a new one installed, you realize you didn’t do this particular job for the money.  (Oh, it didn’t hurt, but that – by itself – misses the point!)  You did it because your clients are also your friends.   (And you believe that every client should be treated exactly like you would treat a friend.)  You helped them out – on a moment’s notice – and took one major headache off of their hands… Because you could.  You knew the sub floor was wet, as were floor joists.  But you also knew they weren’t rotten – yet, and this wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Telling them that was perhaps as important as getting the new drain installed.

Sure, they could have called a plumber.  And this job would have cost them three or four times as much.  If the plumber showed up.  If the job weren’t “sold up.”  If the guy’s buddy didn’t get a bone thrown in for extra “reconstruction” that wasn’t needed.  (And here I hate to be negative but I see it happen far too often.)  They didn’t need all that.  They needed a new drain put in.  They needed it now.

So I helped – and made a little cash.  And washed a load of laundry totally separate from anything that ever leaves the work shop downstairs!  It’s all good.  Even when it’s not.

(By the way – this ended up taking 4 hours instead of 1 & 1/2 because the old drain had to be worked loose enough to get a keyhole saw into it so the cross threaded lock nut could be cut off.)

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