Handy and Green

What do these pictures have in common?  The hat racks on the left began life as the redwood stays in a market umbrella just like this one on the right.

I hate – literally HATE – to waste good wood.  I think it’s a sin for any wood with life left to be thrown away, burned in a fireplace, chopped up, left to rot… (You probably get the idea!)

So when an old market umbrella needed to be replaced, it didn’t get thrown into the landfill.  It was disassembled, part by part, and all the wood and canvas stored until needed.  (The canvas has long since been recycled into something for a church pageant; I just can’t remember exactly what.)  When the idea for some extra hat and jacket storage came up recently, I realized the perfect thing was sitting in the recycle bin.  A few dowel pieces, some craft store wooden balls, the drill press, some left-over furniture varnish, about $1.98 in hardware… And there they are.

Don’t throw your wood away!  You would be amazed at what kind of creations are still waiting for you in those old boards you thought were all used up!

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