HTML versus WordPress

I recently did a promo build of a website that I built a few years ago.  The original is a simple HTML site, updated from a very old vectored graphics type design.  The original site had little or no text and wasn’t searchable; thus the business was essentially non-existent on Google or other search engines.  Since their business now stands at or close to the top of most regional searches, that build was successful… as far as HTML can go.  That still leaves it as a static, HTML site; time consuming to build, difficult to maintain and essentially serving as nothing more than an electronic business card on the Web.

The promo build is based off the original design, designed in and powered by WordPress with a highly customized version of the venerable Twenty Ten theme.  Instead of a simple graphic for a menu background, the sidebar menu is a repeated image of an actual photo that matches their “railroad” theme.  Instead of graphic images for some of their marketing slogans, custom widgets allow those to be changed at a moment’s notice.  (They are also fully searchable with the SEO plugin built in to the design.)rr_top

The dynamic nature of WordPress means things like photo albums and slideshows (2nd footer widget area) are easy to keep updated with special events and new images.

Last, but certainly not least… this new promo version means anyone with a couple of hours of training can handle future updates and revisions.  (So yes, maybe it puts me out of future update work… but you be the judge of which is the best value!)  I’ll have to keep you posted on what transpires.  (Click images for links to the sites.)rr_bottom


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