Rotten Crawl Space Door

It seems like a broken record some days…  whatever it is, it’s rotten.  The original crawlspace door was hanging by one hinge; all wood was deteriorated and rotten, and this door assembly was infested by earwigs to boot.  (Earwigs love moist cracks and crevices – an earlier, temporary repair of putting a piece of plywood over the original wood door gave them a perfect home.)

One nice thing about my work:  I NEVER throw surplus lumber out.  Anything leftover from any job comes to the shop to be stored until there’s a use for it.  This new door required two hinges, a latch, one tube of caulk… and some leftover cedar, plywood, and treated 2 X 4 lumber.  I really enjoy sending an invoice to a client that lists under “materials – lumber: No Charge, SS.”  (That’s my invoice code for “shop surplus”.)

This wasn’t a very large project – it required 5.25 hours total, including my shop time spent ripping and milling the cedar trim down from larger, left over cedar boards.  Total cost:  $193.59.

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