The client wanted to tastefully hide a storage area under the front porch – one where the builder didn’t quite have enough granite stone to completely cover all the foundation area.  The solution was simple:  match the lattice that was attached to the archways on the front side of the house with a latice wall and custom door.

Framed completely with treated lumber (this area tends to be damp with rain runoff) and mounted both on the corner of the house framing and the existing granite pillar.  Mounting to field stone or granite isn’t simple:  you need a solid (and plumb) frame to attach the lattice but you are working off of rough angles in the existing stone.

Once finished the undercroft entrance looks like it was part of the original design of the home.  The treated lumber used to fabricate the door blends nicely with the white of the plastic lattice (more expensive than treated wood lattice but it lasts forever), and the parts of the foundation that weren’t finished now are tucked in behind a decorative wall.

Total cost, including materials and labor:  less than $700.

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