Why WordPress? Part 2

I did a tutorial with a new client the other night.  He learned all he needs to know to maintain their site while we sat in the bar of a Holiday Inn in Barboursville, West Virginia.  (That’s point number one.  This is not difficult!  A codicil to point 1 – a poorly maintained website is worse than no website at all.)

The really cool part is what no one else sees.  With WordPress as your Content Management system (CMS) you don’t need expensive software like THIS to keep your website fresh.  You need an Internet browser – that’s it.  Firefox, Safari, M.I.E., you’re ready.  (Maybe throw in a free FTP software if you really need it… but forget spending hundreds of dollars on software that you then have to learn how to use.

For example, look at the image above.  Notice that there are SIX window tabs open.  They are open because you’ll need them at one point or another to create any document for your website.  To be fair, the program shown here is a good one.  It’s powerful and versatile.  It also has a really steep learning curve.  (My manual has 836 pages and perhaps a hundred or so bookmarks shoved in it.)  If creating and maintaining your website is this intimidating are you really going to use it as a communication tool?  REALLY?  I didn’t think so.  (Neither would I!)

Now look at the WordPress “write post” tab above.  One click off of the DASHBOARD and you’re ready to go.  Look at the visual or click it over to HTML code – add pics, video, audio… one click each.  (And do you see the resemblance to another program almost every computer user has some experience with?)

That’s it.  An hour or two learning the Dashboard and anywhere you have an Internet connection, you have the ability to keep your website fresh, clean, inviting… useful.

Oh, there are dozens more reasons why I’m truly a “believer” when it comes to WP.  But these will get you started!

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