WordPress Web Design

icon_bigHaving a good looking, functional website has never been easier!

WordPress began as a blogging software platform.  Yet it’s much more than just a blogging tool.  Businesses, large corporations, churches, universities, professional organizations, and non-profits are all using WordPress as the platform for their web presence.  In fact, it is estimated that close to 24 % of ALL websites on the World Wide Web now use WordPress as their content management system (That’s more than 65 million websites.)  It is favored by nearly 22% of the top 10 million websites (as of August, 2014).  In 10 years, WordPress has risen from a largely unknown spinoff project into the best known open source brand for content management on the World Wide Web.

That’s because you don’t need expensive and complicated software to manage it.  You need an Internet connection.  That’s it.  WordPress does the rest for you.

I’ve built over 90 websites for individuals or groups using WordPress since 2004.  Hundreds of customizable themes give you exactly the look you want, tailored to your needs.  And you won’t need to purchase or learn expensive software to keep your site looking great.

What you get from me is more than just a design.   My services are intended to design a site for you, work with you to get it running, then teach you everything YOU need to keep it that way!  (No ongoing “work” that’s designed simply to get more work from you.)

A simple WordPress site can be up and running in a day.  More complicated websites are ready anywhere from 15 – 25 work hours… then you’re done!  Don’t call me unless you need me at that point.

So… you could pay a designer / I.T. person up to $200 per hour for as long as you can afford it; or you can pay me $75.00 per hour and have a site you can use on your own.  That’s value… It’s WordPress… And I’m The Handy Rev and this is part of what I do.

Some of the latest WordPress websites I’ve designed include:

Murray’s Auto Works (HTML website)

Cabarrus Lawn Mower

Parker Crane Services, LLC

The Cabarrus Farm & Food Council

Fairytale Farms

Hedge and Turf South Farm

R & R Barbecue (HTML website)

United Christian Fellowship

Christ Presbyterian Church

Blog RPS

The Demijon Blog

(And of course, this website is a WordPress site!)

WordPress Design FAQ:

$75.oo / hour. (Most sites require 10 – 25 hours, including 2 – 3 hours tutorial time.)

You need:  Domain name, Internet Access (Broadband ISP recommended) and a hosting account (there are many to choose from according to your needs and budget).  I can help you with this step also.

You pick the theme of your website; then I work with you to customize that theme to look EXACTLY the way you want it to look.

Not sure about WordPress?  Read HERE what another Rev (who owns his own software company) has to say about it.